Sunday, November 1, 2009

Topher Grace is a Jack Ass


  1. How dare you, sir or madam?

    Have you not the decency to keep your vile, hate-filled propaganda to yourself, rather than pollute the otherwise innocent internet with it?

    Topher Grace is only a jack ass if "jack ass" is a new synonym for "role model and hero to millions*".

    Leave T-Grace alone! Please stick to what you're good at, which, according to your blog archive, is writing about the plight of toast and pointing out things that are pigs.

    The opposite of grace is clumsiness and in your clumsy attempt to dis Grace, you have only disgraced yourself.

    For shame.

    *at least hundreds

  2. I concur good sir.

    How can one defile the sanctity of such a valued human being with such a fine program as photoshop, and with subpar use of said photoshop? You should thank Topher Grace and his infinite wisdom and charity for not having his lawyers force you to shut down this libelous website. A jack ass? No, and far from it. I am sorry but the only meganachos I will be involved with anymore is are only those that come from a local mexican restaurant.

    Good day sir.

  3. Also, I don't think you pasted his face on the correct side of the donkey.. I think his ass is on the other end...

  4. That would be the asses ass. Ass's ass? Ass.